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I am a man of principle, and a limited government conservative who believes government should protect individual rights and liberties, not undermine those rights through intrusive, overreaching regulations.  I am alarmed at the direction our State and Federal Agencies have taken in managing people, rather than securing individual rights.  Citizens should be confident that their lives, liberty and property are protected, I believe when these fundamentals are threatened it is the duty of county leadership to intervene.


I want to see all of our county processes be transparent.  Everyone balances their family budget each month.  Voters should expect county representatives to protect and wisely manage our tax dollars.  To keep an open and transparent process ensures wise fiscally conservative planning.  
I am passionate about rules and procedures that maintain professionalism and decorum inside the commissioner chambers.  I am dedicated to continually expanding my knowledge and use of parliamentary procedures.
When I take my oath of office I will defend life, liberty, property, and honor the original intent of our founding fathers.  I am weary of having my elected representatives explain bureaucracy to me, rather than support the Constitutional rights of individual citizens. I have common sense, strong spiritual values, confidence and courage to make our views heard in public forums.

      Kody Justus

Professional Decorum
 It is important to maintain a high level of integrity in transparent public meetings with healthy debate and expedient decision making.  I passionately advocate for local control and keeping all decisions local.  I feel we need to covet our ability to respectfully disagree and make decisions as a community.  Once we allow decisions to be made elsewhere, be it Salem or Washington DC, our opinions will have no effect on the outcome.    

Having job duties and responsibilities well defined is crucial to any organization. Open and honest communication with county employees and with county citizens in regard to county business is essential.  I believe in transparency and straight forward management of our county resources.  I will not engage in secret plans which affect our county structure.


On every issue there is one common denominator, Federal and State overreach.  The simple truth is when the lives and property of the citizens of Baker County are threatened, it is the duty of the county leadership to intervene.

Under the Tenth Amendment to the United States Constitution and the sovereignty and authority reserved by that Amendment success will occur in protecting citizens’ personal and property rights. We shall never give in, match them in wherewithal, outmatch them in vigor, and with what can be learned through study and through experience, outmatch them in mental resources, creativity and determination.

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